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Open access communications plan


Let humanities students in your institution know about the skills they take with them to working life and the ASSET-H employability resources available to them with the help of our open access communications materials.

The idea of an open access communications plan is to make our resources available to humanities students and graduates all over Europe. We just need your help to spread the word. You can do this by publishing our materials on your channels and social media platforms - be it your own private account or that of your institution. You can find downloadable communications materials as part of the plan below.


The communications plan outlines the communications strategies employed by the ASSET-H project. The objective of the communication efforts are twofold. Firstly, to raise awareness of the skills that humanities graduates bring to the workforce. Secondly, to make the employability resources produced as part of this project known to humanities students, graduates and faculty staff. The communications plan consists of three campaigns with each one raising awareness of a particular project output.

Communications campaigns

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Skills profile

A social media campaign to raise awareness of the skills profile among students.


H-You: Humanities
Skills Explorer

A Skills Booth consisting of printed materials: a roll up poster, flyers and instruction sheets.


H-Highlight workshop

Blog posts published on the ASSET-H website and university intranet.

1. Communications campaign to promote the skills profile


The communications campaign raises awareness of the skills that humanities graduates bring to the workplace among humanities students, graduates and teaching staff.


Tools & Strategies

  • A series of informative posts on the skills profile is published on social media. The posts outline the skills profile and encourage viewers to read the full skills profile on the ASSET-H website.

  • An informative email is sent to students and alumni.

  • Posters are put up on billboards and info screens on campus.

  • An article on the significance of the skills profile and the research behind it is published on the project blog and University of Helsinki website.

Key messages:

  • The research-based skills profile provides a detailed description of skills specific to humanities graduates that are valuable in working life. 

  • The skills profile gives humanities students and graduates the vocabulary to describe their skills relevant to working life and a starting point to reflect on their budding professional identity.

Social media campaign material

Click to download the social media materials and publish on your own platforms.


Humanities student: Learn to recognize your skills!

Target audience: Humanities students 

Suggested channel: Intranet

Download PDF file

Unlock your humanities superpowers: Discover the 6 unique skills that set you aside in the job market as a humanities student  

Target audience: Humanities students

Suggested channel: Email 

Download PDF file

Study finds six skills clusters that set humanities alumni apart

Target audience: Humanities alumni
Suggested channel: Alumni newsletter

Download PDF file


Infographic with six skills clusters

A3 Poster with six skills clusters
Wide screen poster with six skills clusters for info screen
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Blog posts

2. Communications campaign to promote the toolkit H-You: Humanities Skills Explorer


The objective of the communications campaign is to get students to access the tools on the H-You: Skills explorer -website on their phone and take the self-assessment skills test.

Tools & Strategies

A Skills Booth is set up consisting of printed materials: a roll up poster, flyers and instruction sheets. Perhaps more importantly the skills booth needs a dedicated person to encourage passers by to take a look at the materials, answer questions and help with accessing the H-You website.


Possible Skills Booth locations:

  • On a university campus in a high traffic area where humanities students tend to pass by

  • Student job fair 

  • Alumni event

  • Career event

  • Prospective students event

  • Event for human resources professionals

Key messages:

  • Activities on the H-You website encourage humanities students and alumni to examine their own skills and put them in context of their career journey through self-reflection and writing activities. 

  • Light up your skills! Discover your skills profile with H-You: Humanities Skills Explorer and start a new chapter on your career journey.

  • To take steps towards shaping your professional career, it is important to have an idea of what skills you have so that you can explain what sets you apart. The Humanities Profile Explorer activity will help you understand and articulate your core strengths.

  • As part of the event, we are setting up the ASSET-H Skills Booth hosted by humanities students. Visit the Skills Booth to find out your personal skills profile by completing a research-based skills test created by the ASSET-H project.

Skills Booth set up