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H-Highlight: workshop to articulate humanities skills in your course design


Give your students a head start into working life by including information on skills in your courses

Research indicates that the perceptions students hold about their own skills and their ability to tell others about their competences greatly determine the quality of their transition to working life. As a teacher you can help your students gain a better understanding of the skills they acquire during your courses and give students the vocabulary to describe these skills. Including information on skills in your course will give students a head start to working life where they are often asked to describe their skills in job interviews and cover letters. 

The H-Highlight teacher training works from the premises that you already teach many skills to students through your disciplinary focus. We guide you step by step to identify the skills that students can acquire in one of your courses and give you ideas on how to highlight these skills in your everyday teaching. We do not ask workshop participants to add any new content or generic skills to their classes. Instead we help them to better articulate exactly what skills they are already teaching through their disciplinary focus. 

The H-Highlight workshop is based on the ABC design, which was developed by University College London (Young, C., & Perovic, N., 2013). 

“I really liked that it was interactive. It encouraged me to reflect about the way in which I teach."

Workshop participant

How to communicate skills to students

In the knowledge clip video below, trainer Catho Jacobs gives practical tips on how to integrate communication about working life skills in your course design. 

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