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Workshop to articulate Humanities skills in teachers' course designs


In this workshop, Humanities teachers become aware of how both content and learning activities (i.e. how you convey content) of a course can teach students skills. Afterwards, they will be able to articulate these skills more explicitly in their course design.


The workshop is 120 minutes and the preparation time for teachers is 15 minutes. It is a hands-on and in-person workshop.


Watch the resource "KnowledgeClipHHighlight" (7 min) to find out (1) the importance for teachers to discuss skills in courses and (2) how we built up the skills profile for the Humanities.


In this toolkit, you will find information on what a workshop looks like (2), how facilitators can prepare for giving such a workshop (3) and how facilitators can adjust the workshop to suit their needs (4).


Workshop outline

1. Introduction - 20 min

Facilitator gives information about the workshop goal, the skills research, the learning activities and the flow of the workshop. Teachers are asked to make groups, so they can work together for the next steps.

2. Start page -20 min 

Teachers fill in general questions about (1) the content of their course, (2) the learning activities of their course and (3) the skills they teach students in their course. By doing so, they have an overview of the current situation of their course that serves as a starting point.

3. Storyboard - 50 min 

Teachers now move from the current
situation to their ideal course design, and start with the redesign of
their course. They focus on how both content and learning activities of the course can teach students skills. 

4. Action plan - 10 min

Teachers reflect on the steps they still need to take to integrate the redesign, when they will do it, and who will do it.

5. Feedback - 20 min

Teachers give feedback about the workshop.

6. After workshop

One week later, teachers receive a knowledge clip with tips and tricks on how to communicate about skills during course.

For a more detailed version and more information on all the materials you need to replicate this workshop, see resource "Workshop_ Scenario".



In order to prepare for the workshop, we advise you to invest approximately 8 hours, at least a week before the workshop. These are the different steps you need to go through:

  1. Get to know the workshop scenario;

  2. Practice giving the workshop;

  3. Send an email to participating teachers with their preparation task (see resource "Preparation_email");

  4. Take care of some practicalities (e.g. preparing the materials, room requirements - see resource "Preparation_practicalities").


How to adjust the workshop to your needs

There are several ways in which facilitators can personalize the
workshop so it better suits their goals, e.g. add other skills, give
workshop online, add discussion moments. See resource
"Workshop_personalization" for some tips and tricks.

To learn more about the licensing and re-use of materials, see resource “Licensing”.

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Resources - general

Printable version of Toolkit 2

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Resources - Step 1

Knowledge Clip H-Highlight

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Resources - Step 2

Preparation - Email

Preparation - Practicalities

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Resources - Step 3

Scenario of the Workshop

1. Introduction - Attendance Sheet

1. Introduction - Supporting PowerPoint

1. Introduction - Interactive PowerPoint

2. Start Page

2. Start Page - Information Skills & Learning Activities

2. Start Page - Survey Skills

3. Story Board

3. Story Board - Cards

4. Action Plan

6. Knowledge Clip Communication Tips

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Resources - Step 4

Workshop Personalization


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