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The ASSET-H project ends but spreading awareness of the skills of humanities graduates continues

ASSET-H team in Helsinki for the transnational meeting in June 2023

The three-year ASSET-H strategic partnership has now ended. However, the resources produced as part of the Erasmus+ project remain in use for the next five years. This includes the H-You: Humanities Skills Explorer toolkit and Skills profile published in eight languages. We also wanted to ensure that others can replicate all or parts of the project. For this we have published a methodological toolkit for each project output.

Skills perception research: How to replicate our research design

The ASSET-H team has conducted research to chart the perceptions of the skills of humanities students at three European universities. In this toolkit, you will find information on the several steps you need to undertake to replicate the study at other institutions, both for humanities students or non-humanities students.

Step by step guide to host an H-Highlight workshop

In this toolkit, you will find information on what a workshop looks like; how facilitators can prepare for giving such a workshop; and how facilitators can adjust the workshop to suit their needs.

Information on the H-You: Humanities Explorer module

​In this toolkit, you will find information on the personal development tool which consist of the humanities profile explorer and activities for students to further explore their skills. Additionally, we also give some tips on how to use this tool as a facilitator.

Open access communications plan

Let humanities students in your institution know about the skills they take with them to working life and the ASSET-H employability resources available to them with the help of our open access communications materials. The idea of an open access communications plan is to make our resources available to humanities students and graduates all over Europe. We just need your help to spread the word. You can do this by publishing our materials on your channels and social media platforms - be it your own private account or that of your institution. You can find downloadable communications materials as part of the communications plan.


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