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Future of work -panel discussion and Skills Booth

How do students perceive the future world of work? How about the CEO of Kone Foundation or project manager of a social entrepreneurship incubator programme? Why should sustainability be considered in career guidance?

Join us at Think Corner, Helsinki and be inspired by the working life of the future! The best thing about this event is its diverse panel, which fearlessly tackles the most current topics in the world of work. You'll also have the chance to challenge the panel with your own questions, which you can write into the event chat during the discussion. The panel discussion is held in Finnish and will be moderated by Hanna-Reetta Schreck, Humanities Alumna of the Year and Communications Manager.


  • Ulla Tuomarla, CEO, Kone Foundation

  • Minttu Ripatti, Project Manager, Helsinki Incubators

  • Heini Hult-Miekkavaara, Expert, Career Services, University of Helsinki

  • Sara Lenkkeri, Student, University of Turku

  • Nestori Liminka, Student, University of Turku

Skills Booth

As part of the event, we are setting up the ASSET-H Skills Booth hosted by University of Helsinki humanities students. Visit the Skills Booth to find out your personal skills profile by completing a research-based skills test created by the ASSET-H project.

Event Languages

The panel discussion is held in Finnish. Visitors can get information at the Skills Booth in Finnish and English.

Event Links

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Anna Suutarla, Communications Specialist, ASSET-H Helsinki Team


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