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Happily employed in university administration

Bert Willems has a Master of Slavonic Languages and Eastern European Studies from KU Leuven. He now works as a coordinator of student accounting and mobility at his alma mater.

Bert Willems started his career working as a credential evaluator at KU Leuven. During this time, he evaluated diplomas and transcripts of students from Central and Eastern Europe as well as Russia, assessing the education of applicants from that area. During this early work experience, Bert noticed the added value of a humanities education. He needed many humanities skills in his work. He didn’t only make use of his language and communications skills but also his ability to distil and synthesize information. In addition, Bert made use of his understanding of historical background and cultural awareness.​

In his current job as coordinator of student accounting and mobility, Bert is responsible for managing multiple administrative processes. This involved initiating, evaluating, and adjusting the processes as needed. Bert continues to make use of many skills that he learned during his studies. He uses the project management skills daily. His job also requires a lot of communication, knowledge management and language skills.

Bert’s top 4 skills

  1. Project management skills

  2. Communication skills

  3. Knowledge & information skills

  4. Language skills


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