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A Master in Japanese Studies opened the doors to Sony

Manuela De Roover did a Master of Japanese Studies at KU Leuven and now works as a Direct-to-Consumer After Sales Manager at Sony.

Manuela De Roover started her career working as a document controller and then as a validation controller. She quickly noticed that she used the skills she had acquired during her degree in humanities in her everyday work. For example, her skills in communications and cultural awareness allowed her to interpret technical jargon in a validation environment and translate this towards both testers and project managers. This allowed her to get noticed in the company and grow as a professional. Now Manuela works as a Direct-to-Consumer After Sales Manager at Sony. She makes use of several skills that she acquired during her studies. Project management skills are particularly useful in her current job. Her ability to manage knowledge in an expert way is also important. However, skills in communications and intercultural skills still stand out as the most prominent.

I recognize myself very much in the KU Leuven arts profile as a "mediator" or "communication expert". This is because I am required to find the middle ground between what is best for our clients, what is best for our agents, and what is best for the company in terms of costs, strategy and so on. I also mediate on an intercultural level, since in my job I reconcile different cultures. This also makes the job extremely fascinating.

Manuela's top 4 skills

  1. Communications skills

  2. Interculturality skills

  3. Project management skills

  4. Knowledge & information skills

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